Interieur award

Biannual competition Kortrijk, Belgium
Design space: Concept bar

Biannual competition Interieur Award
Kortrijk, Belgium
In collaboration with Sara Ticali and Alessio Algeri

Many cities around the world, from Beijing to Buenos Aires, have some meeting places in common that are born from old traditions that still survive, in other words open-air markets and street food.
The concept we present is inspired by the atmosphere that you can live and breathe walking through the open-air markets of Palermo, with his typical curtains, the smell of food cooked on the street and the crowd, places where traditions continue to live with expressions, gestures, noises and odours remained unchanged over the centuries.

A relational space in which people work, join together, buy products linked to the territory (local food), and taste traditional _avors still alive in his famous street food, purchased and enjoyed immediately standing, walking or resting somewhere.An almost sacred ritual for the citizens and so folkloristic to a visitor, a perfect example of food sustainability. We propose stands to have quick meals, designed to accommodate small groups of visitors that will live a space for sharing and socializing; a tribute to the Mediterranean culture, where often chaos and contact with strangers enriche people’s spirit.

Food we propose are the Arancine, maybe the most famous dishes to eat along the streets of Palermo.
Materials, forms and colours we have chosen are inspired by urban spaces and furnitures.